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Legal requirements for getting married in St. Kitts & Nevis
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Getting married in St. Kitts is very easy and no residency is required.  Couples planning a St. Kitts Caribbean wedding are only required to obtain a marriage license and have the following documents:

  • A valid passport or photo I.D. for each party.
  • Original or certified copy of their birth certificates.
  • An affidavit confirming single status if a party has never been married before.
  • If a party is divorced, a decree absolute (an original or certified copy showing the court’s stamp or seal) must be presented.
  • If a party is widowed, a copy of the death certificate of the deceased spouse must be presented.
  • If documents are not in English they must be accompanied by a notarized translation.

If a Catholic priest is to perform the ceremony, the couple must receive marriage counseling session from their parish priest and submit the required Catholic documents.  A letter must come from the couple’s resident priest verifying that they are unmarried and that they have received the necessary instructions.  All Catholic weddings take place in a church.

If an Anglican or other minister of religion is to perform the ceremony, it is recommended that a letter be brought from the couple’s resident minister verifying that they are known and unmarried.

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Marriage licenses are obtained through the Legal Department in the Administration Building.  Application forms must be completed in the presence of a Justice of the Peace.  Forms are available from the Legal Department or at the Magistrates Court in Charlestown.  The following documents are required:

  • Both parties must have a valid passport or birth certificate with photo I.D.
  • If a party has never been married, an affidavit confirming their single status is required which can be obtained from a Notary Public in the home country or via a Notary Public on Nevis.
  • If either party is a widow or widower, they must have a copy of the death certificate of the deceased spouse.
  • If either party is divorced, they must have the original or a notarized copy of the Decree Absolute.  If it is not in English, a notarized translation is required.

If the marriage is to be conducted by a specific minister or priest, it must take place at the respective church and both parties must have a letter from their home minister or priest verifying that they are known and unmarried.  In addition, if the marriage is to take place in a Roman Catholic Church, the home priest must verify that they have received all required instruction. For wedding packages in the Caribbean, contact a Caribbean Weddings specialist today!


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