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Legal requirements for getting married in Aruba
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Civil marriages are permitted in Aruba, but they must take place at the Civil Town House.

Legal requirements include the following:

  • Copies of birth certificates of the bride and groom with apostille (state certification).
  • Passport picture page or valid state issued picture I.D. for the bride and groom.
  • A minimum of two witnesses at least 18 years old.
  • A certificate of no impediment for the bride and groom (also referred to as a “single status report” and, in some states, a “negative statement of marriage”.  This certificate is obtained at the bureau of vital statistics which is located in the department of health.
  • If either party has been divorced, a copy of the first and last page of the divorce decree(s).
  • If either party is a widow or widower, a copy of the pertinent death certificate.
  • All documents must be faxed for review and then submitted by courier (i.e., FedEx) at least one month prior to the desired wedding date.

A wedding ceremony in Aruba can take place in the in the late morning or early afternoon on Wednesdays, Thursdays or Fridays.  Saturdays are available in the late mornings for an extra charge.


(Must call first as this is on hold until review of procedures is complete):

  1. Proof That the prospective bride and groom have attended pre-marriage preparation.
  2.  Permission from their priest to get married in Aruba.
  3. An official declaration that neither party has previously been married in a church is required from the parties’ local priest.
  4. Copy of Wedding Certificate showing that they have been legally married in their home country.
  5. Baptism and Confirmation certificates of both parties as well as copies of their passports or I.D. cards.
  6. The proposed marriage must take place “inside” the local church building.
  7. All documents must be submitted 4 months prior to the chosen wedding date.


  1. The wedding ceremony can be affiliated in the local church or anywhere else the couple desires.
  2. If married outside Aruba, a copy of the marriage certificate from their home country is required.
  3. Proper attire is required for all religious blessings (i.e., no swimsuits or wraps for the bride; shorts are acceptable for the groom).


  1. Both partners must be Jewish and need to submit a verification of Judaism from the Rabbi of their hometown Reform, Liberal and re-Constructionist authorities.
  2. A formal petition needs to be submitted to the Aruba Jewish Community.
  3. The wedding ceremony may take place either in the synagogue or any other venue of choice.
  4. The synagogue of Aruba is an independent Conservative-Reform style congregation.


  1. A boat captain is not authorized to officiate a wedding according to Dutch laws.  This applies for international waters as well as in port.  The only exception to this rule is if he has been given authority by the country under whose flag the ship is registered.


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