About Miami and The Beaches
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Miami's increasingly diverse population has made the city a favorite among tourists from around the world.  The county has many cities within it and overall you can expect a vibrant cosmopolitan international metropolis.

Miami offers the best climate in America, rich cultural offerings, and the finest entertainment, including top sports, music, theatre and recreation.

Miami affords a wondrous lifestyle with a sub-tropical climate, clear ocean waters, golden beaches, and an eclectic mix of culture, language, and heritage. Miami is a community of neighborhoods, each offering excitement and fun. All Miamians have a passionate appetite for life, work and play


Miami and its many cities offer a huge variety of accommodations from modern art deco resorts, to famous historic resorts.  The possibilites are endless. During the Winter Season, which is November through February, hotel rates are generally higher than the rest of the year.


 Most credit cards are accepted at hotels, restaurants and retail locations. 


 The US Dollar. Currency exchange is readily available.


 North America uses 110 Volts


 Miami is on Eastern Standard Time




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