Details On Getting Married in the Caribbean

Getting married in the Caribbean has never been easier or more attractive.  There are so many great hotels and resorts in the Caribbean. Some are located on the beach, others hill top overlooking spectacular vistas and the ocean, and some hidden in beautiful and lush gardens.  The Caribbean and Mexico truly have it all.  

Many people prefer to stay at all-inclusive resorts and if you are one of them you will be surprised how many resorts offer either an all-inclusive package or an optional all-inclusive package. If you prefer to pay for what you want and not have everything included there are really good plans available for you as well when considering a Caribbean wedding.

Getting married in the Caribbean means lots of fun, sun and good times. One thing important to consider is what type of background you want for the actual wedding ceremony versus what kind of reception you are looking for.  

Beach weddings are very popular and make beautiful backgrounds for photographs.  Beach weddings in the afternoon before sunset are the most popular. Did you know that the Caribbean has different colors of sand?  There are white sand beaches, tan, pink and even black sand beaches!  The Bahamas is well known for its Pink Sand beaches. 

You can choose a beautiful waterfall on some islands for your Caribbean wedding or you might choose a mountaintop view. The view of the Grand Pitons in St. Lucia can be seen from numerous resorts and it is a sight to see.  Islands that do have these types of views include Jamaica, St. Kitts, Dominica, Antigua, Anguilla, St. Thomas, St. John and St. Croix. 

If you like dramatic settings then a wedding ceremony in Barbados offers you some breathtaking cliffs overlooking the ocean.  Many hotels offer beautiful views of the water from their great lawns or their pool and patio areas. 

Every island has beautiful crystal clear waters but they are also different. Some are shallow and gentle and some are powerful and deep.  Tobago is well known for having great wind and waves and is popular for many watersports as a result of this. 

One of the first things you and your fiance should decide when considering a destination wedding specifically in the Caribbean is what you want the experience to be for you and your guests.  Some islands have lots of things to see and do and others are pretty laid back. 

You might also choose to island hop and that can easily be done in the US Virgin Islands, The Bahamas, the British Virgin Islands and St. Kitts and Nevis.

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