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Anguilla Weddings

Like many of the islands of the Caribbean, Anguilla offers a wide variety of hotels, resorts and boutique accommodations to meet everyone's desires and budgets.

What makes Anguilla unique for a Caribbean wedding is the fact that most visitors praise it for being as laid back as it is. They prefer salivating over the delicious seafood at a local restaurant rather than being seen at one of the better known establishments just up the street. Because of the small size of the island, seafood is a staple since there is not enough space to raise cattle and other large animals.

Anguilla is located in the northern Caribbean, east of Puerto Rico and north of St. Martin. It features unrivaled white beaches and clear turquoise seas with breathtaking colors.

Couples will find it all here because Anguilla offers a unique blend of high style and low-key elegance. Most visitors find the lack of development to be refreshing when compared with other, larger islands, and you won't find casinos or nightclubs on the island. They would simply detract from the environment that keeps visitors coming back time after time to renew friendships and rekindle memories.

Sure, there are sprawling villas to rent and beautiful resorts offering all the personal service you want, but the real attraction of Anguilla is the low key feel of the island, its warm and welcoming people, and the natural beauty of its waters. All this can be thoroughly enjoyed whether you stay at one of the pricier resorts or a small, local boutique. The rest of the island remains your backyard, there for your enjoyment if you choose to partake and create memories that will endure for a lifetime.

Our Caribbean Wedding Specialists can assist you in determining the right fit to meet your wedding and honeymoon desires. Let us help you create your own memories that will remain with you forever.

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