Getting Married in the Caribbean

There are many reasons to choose the Caribbean for your wedding location. Destination weddings are becoming more popular and approximately one third of all people who marry choose a destination wedding.

Most people don't realize that destination weddings usually cost less than traditional weddings. If you properly plan a destination wedding you can save considerable dollars compared to the cost of a traditional wedding by getting married in the caribbean. In many cases your guests must travel at their own expense from another location, so why not make the location a mini-vacation for them too? You will find that getting married in the Caribbean can be very affordable because you have ample time before the date to choose the right hotel, block space at special group rates, and work with a wedding planner to get the details down pat. CaribbeanWeddings.com® is the most in-depth web site that provides you with a wealth of information and we can also assist you with all your travel needs through our travel planning desk which will help you understand all your flight, hotel and wedding package options. It's easy for us to help you....we're the experts.

There are approximately 30 different countries that make up the Caribbean.  Each country represents a different culture, environment, terrain and atmosphere.  One of the most popular reasons people choose a Caribbean Wedding is to have their wedding in a warm weather destination.  Because of the location of the countries most every island has this in common.  But after that most islands have their own unique appeal.  For instance if you choose Nassau Bahamas you will be in the capital of the country where there is a bustling downtown area, cable beach which has numerous hotels, shops and restaurants and Paradise Island which is well known for it's major attraction The Atlantis.  While you can find a secluded spot here and there this island is for people who want to lots of activities and nightlife.   Compare this to Grand Bahama Island and it is a completely different experience.  Grand Bahama has two main areas the Lucaya area which is located in the center of the island and has numerous hotels, a market place, a straw market, restaurants and shops but it is extremely low key and the tourist area small in comparison to Nassau. The second popular area of Grand Bahama is the West End.  This area is about 60 minutes from the Lucaya area and is basically like an out island experience.  What you can expect there is a lovely hotel, beautiful beaches, great fishing, local cuisine and a truly Bahamian experience. 

Now compare the Bahamas to Jamaica another popular island for weddings.  Jamaica's main tourist areas are Montego Bay, Ocho Rios, Negril and Port Antonio.  Each of these areas provides a different experience to visitors.  Unlike the Bahamas which is basically flat land Jamaica's terrain is mountainous and driving from area to area tends to be windy roads with stunning views of the ocean.  There are popular sightseeing areas in Jamaica but the main activities in this island center around the beaches, water sports activities and the resorts.  Popular sightseeing places are the falls such as well photographed Dunn's River Falls, tours of Great Houses such as Rose Hall and a tour of the island rum distillery that makes Appleton Rum.

Travelers come to Anguilla for the natural beauty and quiet atmosphere of this tiny island.  Anquilla has beautiful beaches and it is one of the smallest islands in the Caribbean with a population of some 12,000 people, Anguilla is a British Overseas Territory, 16 miles long, and 3 miles at her widest point. Boasting 33 white sand beaches with crystal clear waters, Anquilla offers a contemporary international style with extraordinary vistas. When planning your wedding on an island like Anguilla you need to understand your airline options as there are no direct flights from the US but there are easy commuter flights for air service from Puerto Rico, St. Maarten, St. Thomas and Antigua.

From busy, to mellow, to laid back the Caribbean has something to offer everyone and if you really like to have fun and party - it's Cancun!   Cancun is wild and lots of fun. It's only 14 miles long and only a quarter of a mile wide but the mix of activities that Cancun offers includes restaurants with everything from tacos to gourmet food, there's entertainment from reggae and jazz clubs to discos and folklore cabarets; world-class shopping and sports ranging from golf through all the water sports to tennis and Mexican bullfights.  All with a Spanish flare!   Cancun has an incredible beach with more than 75 hotels located on it.  

If you're considering getting married on a beach then you should know that there are many different types of beaches.  There are white sand beaches, beige sand beaches; pink sand beaches even black sand beaches.  There are breathtaking views of beaches that provide unobstructed views, beaches with beautiful palm trees, beaches with sailboat views, cliffs overlooking the beach, gardens overlooking the beach and there is shallow water and deep water beaches.  All the variety the Caribbean offers makes it essential for you to seek the advice and assistance of experts.  At CaribbeanWeddings.com® that is us...experts in the Caribbean.

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